About Us

We Believe All Samples Should Be Club-Ready with Minimal Processing
Quick, easy, and primed for the dance floor. That's just the Expansive Academy way.

We're on a mission to help producers and DJs save time, avoid hassle, and finish projects faster, without ever compromising on quality. So our samples need to be fast and efficient, simple to use, and polished enough for even the most discerning ear.
Most sample shops "normalize" their audio files when exporting, killing all of the dynamics and grooves. But we do things differently at Expansive Academy.


  • All of our products are painstakingly produced, processed, mixed, and mastered for you, by us.
  • Every sound we create is carefully crafted to capture the depth and character of the original device, and then expertly processed through some of the most sought-after vintage and contemporary pieces.
  • Each of our finished samples is packaged and delivered to you precisely as our producers and engineers intend for it to be heard.